My name is Zuzana and I am a UK based full stack web developer with background in psychology. I specialise in PHP and Laravel development.

Read the story and watch the video about my journey to becoming a web developer on Google's blog.

I founded Larabelles, an online community for Laravel developers under-represented due to their gender. Larabelles focus on reducing barriers for women, non-binary and trans people to enter the world of technology. We do this by encouraging more folks to consider a career in tech and by providing a safe space to feel welcome and supported, not just at the beginning of their development career, but throughout.

I am a course creator for LinkedIn Learning. In my Building RESTful APIs in Laravel course I teach the basics of building RESTful API using Laravel, how to save, display, update, and delete resources, explore how to use Postman to test your API and ensure that it works as expected.

I am available for public speaking about responsive and accessible web design, about the accessibility principles in general, and about diversity and gender inequality within the tech industry.

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Zuzana helped design freeCodeCamp's new user profile and settings pages. She has been a valuable contributor, reliable and responsible, and able to iterate on new design ideas. Working with her has been a pleasure. Zuzana would be a great asset to any team.
Quincy Larson, Teacher and Founder of freeCodeCamp.org
Zuzana is one of the most determined and self-directed people I know and this comes across in her approach to her work: detail conscious, conscientious, thorough. Her deep understanding of psychological principles makes a real difference - you'll get a full understanding of user experience, psychological aspects of website design and accessibility issues as well as all-round coding and technical skills.
Elisabeth Klaar of Oak Tree Studio
As our agency grows we are constantly searching for reliable partners to help us service the growing needs of our customers. Zuzana has proven to be just that developer. We find her incredibly useful when we need to outsource part of the WordPress website development process, or look to add in custom functionality on a project. Zuzana is professional and good at what she does, but she's also lovely to communicate with. We trust her to complete projects on spec and on time, and we will continue to outsource to her as we grow further.
Penni Pickering of Kabo Creative Limited
I have had the pleasure to work with Zuzana on a recent project of ours. Above all, I was most impressed by Zuzana’s attention to detail, and her thorough approach to delivering the work we assigned her. Zuzana was very systematic in organising her workload, and always kept a very detailed list of updates or issues to discuss in our daily stand-ups. Communication with Zuzana was flawless from day one, and I very much look forward to working with her again soon.
Francesco Fabbro of Studio 24