Hi, I'm Zuzana!

I am a User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) web designer and developer with a university degree in Psychology. My education and past work experience have led me to become an accessibility advocate. I firmly believe that all web products should be accessible and available to everyone - regardless of their abilities or conditions.

When designing websites, I pay extra attention to accessible design principles; I always consider the font style and size, the colour contrast between foreground and background elements, or any animations that may be too distractive for some users. I make sure that I remove any unnecessary complexity and keep websites as intuitive and consistent as possible.

When I build websites, I also adhere to accessibility standards, as outlined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). By following W3C principles, I make sure that websites not only look good but are accessible for screen readers and users using only a keyboard.

If you would like to read more about why having an accessible website is essential, you can read an article that I wrote.

All websites that I design and code are mobile responsive and built to the highest quality.

Other than designing and building websites, I am also an open source contributor. I contribute to the freeCodeCamp organisation, which is a non-profit organisation that makes learning web development possible for everyone. I have designed the profile and settings pages for their upcoming new release, and I am currently working on their UX style guide.

Few technical details for those interested in my design and development workflow:

I use Affinity Designer for designing user interfaces and Visual Studio Code for coding websites. I use Gulp as a task runner and SCSS as a CSS preprocessor. NPM is the package manager of my choice. I like to code using vanilla JavaScript, but I work well with jQuery as well. I use Git for version control and GitHub repositories to store my code. This website is hosted on Netlify - an all-in-one platform that makes hosting static websites as well as other modern web projects incredibly easy. When I develop WordPress websites, I use Local by Flywheel as my local development environment.