Zuzana profile

Hi there,

I am a UK-based full-stack web and mobile app developer with a degree in psychology. I wanted to mention psychology because although I didn't pursue a career in this field, it is a big interest of mine, and it shapes what I do and who I am every single day (for better or for worse).

I work with Laravel, its ecosystem, and related technologies, as well as ReactJS and React Native. I'm a forever student, and I aspire to learn something new every day - luckily, being a developer, there is never a lack of learning opportunities.

I have been featured by Google after winning a Google scholarship for their Udacity nano degree program in web accessibility. You can see my journey to becoming a web developer on Google's blog. It's quite cringy now, but I am very proud of my accomplishments back then.

I founded Larabelles, an online community for Laravel developers who are under-represented due to gender. Larabelles focuses on encouraging more folks to consider a career in tech and providing a safe space to feel welcome and supported, not just at the beginning of their development career but throughout. Thanks to Larabelles, I met amazing people, made new friends, and learned so much more about the tech industry.

I like to speak in public at various conferences, I have spoken at various Laracons, I gave a talk at the London City University, and a few WordPress meetups. Do you have a conference coming up? Get in touch!