I’ve worked in-house and remotely on projects for digital, creative and marketing agencies. I care deeply about creating websites that are useful, beautiful and accessible; user experience and web accessibility are simply central to everything I do.

I like to be involved at different stages of a digital project, from the seed of the idea, through to planning, design, development, deployment and maintanance. As an independent contractor I can join the project at any stage, or take on the whole project, from design to build.


and tools

I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to develop responsive websites and web applications.

When collaborating with clients, I often work with Laravel, Statamic or various static site generators, such as Jigsaw. Different clients have different experience and skills to bring to managing websites and we work together to choose the right tool for them.

This website is built using Jigsaw, a static site generator that utilises components from the Laravel framework for building static websites, and hosted on Netlify, an all-in-one platform that makes hosting static websites as well as other modern web projects incredibly easy.

All images used on this website are from Unsplash.