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Published on January 27th, 2020

UPDATED: I've not managed to keep up with the weekly series because, well, life happened. I am still working on the glossary, I am just not documenting it right now.

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a Laravel glossary for Onramp, a collection of resources for people who would like to become Laravel developers. I volunteered to work on the Glossary because I often get confused about what various terms used in the Laravel documentation mean, and I'd like to use this opportunity to really understand them!

Laravel documentation is great, it is one of the best and most detailed documentation out there. Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, said that the quality of documentation was very high on his list of priorities and that "The easier it is to learn, the more people will use it."

So while I cannot fault Laravel docs, I have to admit that they are, at places, too complex for me to understand. When it comes to more technical terms, I end up searching the Internet for a quick overview or a summary to help me get the bigger picture, to help me understand.

This series of posts will be just that - a short overview of whatever Glossary term I am currently working on, not an in-depth article.

You can view the list of terms I am going to be working on in my Onramp glossary repository.

The plan is to create a short overview of each term as well as links to resources that I found useful. And, when appropriate, I will also record a short video of me using or implementing the particular term or what it relates to.

I might occasionally group a few related terms together if it makes sense to do so.

I am very excited about this project and I know I will learn loads while writing this series. And I sincerely hope you find it useful too.

Coming soon - Vagrant, Homestead and Valet!

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